High speed camera to OF


I’ve been working on implementing a high resolution and high frame rate stliscan application on the GPU. So far it’s working well using ofVideoPlayer with pre-recorded hd footage @ 120fps. You can see the result here:


The original goal of this experiment was to make it an interactive art installation. I would like to be able to film a space and project the slitscan in real time.
The challenge here would be to have a high resolution video feed with a high frame rate (>120 fps) directly into OF.

What camera, wiring and library would you use for such case?

I have made some research and couldn’t find any serious track so far.

Thanks for your help,

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You will probably be best looking at machine vision cameras, flir, ximea, allied vision and others. Flir have an expansive range, but there are many other companies. To get this combination of resolution and speed you will need a lot of bandwidth. Look at the 10gigevision models here is something that could be appropriate https://www.flir.com/products/oryx-10gige/
The cameras are very nice to use and flexible, but you will need to find the right lense as well which may be a challenge, depending on your needs.

Thanks @fresla. In the end I didn’t need a high frame rate video source and using the input of an iPhone camera via SDI over Wifi gave me quite a nice result.