High Resolution Capable show up really small in mac

I’m trying to make the application run on a retina MacBook but it’s showing up really small.

I’m setting High Resolution Capable to “YES”
I don’t know what I’m missing here.

Not entirely sure how your application is built, but… Have you tried scaling up application to your retina display window size? Or using OF_FULLSCREEN or OF_GAME_MODE within your OF main file?

Thanks, but that did not work.
my application is compose of 3 windows

this is how it looks with High Resolution Capable to “YES”

and this is how it look with it turn off.

There’s no support right now for autoresize for things like gui… what you can do is use a custom font. When setting up the font you can set the dpi differently if running on retina or not which should make it look the same in both cases

ok Thank you.