High Resolution Capable / Retina


Hello, I’m a bit lost on how to manage retina screen with openframework.

I tried to set High Resolution Capable option to YES from the openframeworks-info.plist file, so the windows title looks fine, but depending of the windows width I set the result is different. Does this plist parameter is the right way to manage retina screen ?

My display is a native 3840x2160, so if I setup a windows of 1920x1080, the windows cover a quarter of my screen and the pixelScreenCoordScale is = 2 so it’s seems ok for me. But, if I setup a windows of 1921x1080 the pixelScreenCoordScale = 1, this issue seems to only appears on the width parameter, not the height one.

If anyone have any tips on how to manage high resolution screen it would be super nice :slight_smile:


Anyone encounter this issue ? Do I have to open an issue on github ?
Thanks :slight_smile:


Still did not find a solution, is it an issue on my side only or do other people encouter that issue ?


I also have a HiDPI screen and I just use openFrameworks without any special settings. Do you have a specific way you want to use it where you need to take the high pixel density into account? The common problem for high density screens I guess is that text looks small but then you just set a larger font size if you want to print something. I guess it could be an issue if you want to share your program with someone who has a lower density screen.