High Resolution Capable not working correctly [macOS users plz read]

First of all, when I set High Resolution Capable to YES in openFrameworks-Info.plist file, the window shows up in half size than the size it was when High Resolution Capable was set to NO and this is the problem I can live with.

However, when I set the window width to be larger than my Mac Book Pro’s non-retina screen resolution(1440x900), suddenly the width of the window gets as big as the screen. (the window width becomes 2 times bigger when I change width to 1441 from 1440)

I assume there’s a code that compares the window dimensions with the screen dimensions so the window won’t get bigger than the screen size. But I think someone made a mistake by using the non-retina resolution instead of retina.

The problem only happens with OF 0.10.0 and it works fine with OF 0.9.8.
I think this is a huge problem that needs to be fixed ASAP.
Can any macOS users confirm this issue?

I also posted this issue on the Github.