High Resolution 360° photo in OF?


Does anyone know if it is possible to load a 360° image into openframeworks?? Here is a link to an example of one in its current state: https://www.panono.com/p/rCLkhyjP1gw3

I am hoping to create something that allows a joystick or similar USB controller to provide a way to move through the space fluidly.

Below are some images that explain a bit more what I’m talking about. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! I should say there is a small budget available so if you can provide some serious help you may stand to make some cash :slight_smile:


  1. load the image into ofImage
  2. texture map it into an ofSpherePrimitive. Remember to call ofDisableArbTex();
  3. Put an ofEasyCam in the center of the sphere
  4. Map the joystick control to the camera (I assume you have an interface to map the joystick input to OF)
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Hi @gnouc_ thanks for the response!

That doesn’t sound too troublesome. As of yet I do not have a joystick or controller, so I have also not discovered an interface that will allow me to map the input to the camera. I’m not against using a standard gamepad if it makes things easier!

I saw these addons which could be helpful:




Any ideas?


As the author of ofxGamepad, I recommend to go with ofxGLFWJoystick. That shouldnt need any external dependencies and is therefore easier to use :slight_smile:

Ok thanks for the reccomendation! I think I might actually be testing it first with a gamepad though as I don’t currently have a joystick :slight_smile:

Do you think it will be simple enough to map the movements of an Xbox or Ps3 controller to the photo in the most recent version of OF??

Thanks again

Should be doable. ofCamera extends ofNode and has the functions roll(), pan() and tilt() which rotate the camera around the local axis. You should be able to map them onto the gamepad.