High res display, how to use it?


Just started my first project targeted to the iPhone 4 but I don’t know how to take advantage of the new display (960 x 640), I can only compile in the good ol’ resolution

Also: is there a way in OF to make an universal app and detect the device being used to load high res or low res images images?

Thanks :slight_smile:


I tryed adding the code found here


in ofAppiPhoneWindow.mm, EAGLView.mm and ofAppGlutWindow.mm , replacing those “self” with “glView” and the best that I could get was a bigger (2x) image, with the correct relative resolution but not scaled down to fit into the screen

Has somebody been able to take full advantage of the 960 x 640 resolution display?



Search my post history and you’ll see how I’m doing it with oF.