High Frame Rate on Windows

I got a Pointgrey Flea3 USB3 cam and I could do a high frame rate video input: 1024x768 at 120fps, but I noticed something weird. Randomly I got a good frame rate in my app and most of the times I could not get over 64fps, and I really could not figure out what exactly is the problem. I tried setting various settings, disabling vertical sync, but nothing seems to make my app, get a constant high frame rate, sometimes it’s 120, sometimes it’s 64.

I read this post by Daan van Hasselt - http://forum.openframeworks.cc/t/graphics-card-issue:-framerate-stuck-at-64-fps/10901/0 and it seems there is a problem with Openframeworks core and calculation of the frame rate, but I would like to ask, if somebody actually have a solution?


Actually running even a simple app, without anything going on, runs at max of 64fps, even if I set ofSetFrameRate(0) and ofSetVerticalSync(false)

this may help if it isn’t an issue with core

Just a heads up, if someone has the same problem, a temp fix would be to uncomment the // #define WIN32_HIGH_RES_TIMING in ofConstants.h, that will bump the precision of all timing Windows functions to 1ms.

sorry to hijack, but nice camera!
Do you have any idea about the actual latency using OF? (time from real event till you see it on screen, when using simple camera draw)


I really have no idea, what I am mostly interested in is not drawing, but processing the video input for computer vision purposes at faster rates then 60hz.

did you finally get those 1024x768 120fps from the camera?