HiDPI setting on Visual Studio?

Does anyone know how to stop my app appearing teeeeeny on Windows machines with HiDPI? At some point I’ll make the UI resizable but it’d be good if there was a quick fix for now… I got as far as figuring out that I need to set the DPI_AWARENESS in the application manifest but I have no idea how to do that haha.

(the app scales normally on OSX retina displays)

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

For anyone looking to do this in future, there are some settings in the manifest editor in the project settings in VS although these didn’t seem to do anything.

Instead, I added to ofMain.h :

 BOOL dpi_result = SetProcessDpiAwarenessContext(DPI_AWARENESS_CONTEXT_UNAWARE_GDISCALED);

And this works as a quick fix to make the output look normal on high dpi screens, although I had to change the name of the output exe file before the changes seemed to take effect.

Hope this helps anyone looking in future!