HiDPI and Qtcreator


i am using Qtcreator under OSX El Capitan on a macbookpro Retina.

the app is running fine but doesn’t seem qtcreator takes care about high pixel density so the app window and Gui are smaller than they should.

Building the app with xcode is ok.

is there a way to specify HiDPI option when compiling under qtcreator ?

thanks a lot

Hi Gallo, https://github.com/openframeworks/openFrameworks/issues/5167

thanks for the tip !

i tried the latest nightly but with no luck

i tried to force it

    condition: qbs.buildVariant.contains("debug") && platform === "osx"
    bundle.infoPlist: ({"CFBundleIconFile":"icon-debug.icns", "NSHighResolutionCapable":true})

    condition: qbs.buildVariant.contains("release") && platform === "osx"
    bundle.infoPlist: ({"CFBundleIconFile":"icon.icns", "NSHighResolutionCapable":true})

but doesn’t work either

Dunno for the nighly build but this sure works well on 0.9.4

ok. Then i will try the github master branch.
thanks a lot