Hia from Boston, USA

I’m a recent college grad with a bit of experience in Unity who just started learning OF after seeing some of the amazing work friends are doing with it. During the night I work as a live sound engineer and during the day I do this sort of stuff --I’m super stoked about the potential for integrating audio DSP in c++ at a level that just wasn’t possible with unity.

you can check out some of my work at wmejohnson.com


Hi, great work! agree with you on the OF vs. Unity comparison. I’ve been doing VR interface research and OF’s been really good in term of flexibility.

Out of curiosity, is there any good source to learn more about audio DSP? I’m finding audio knowledge more and more important as I explore the VR spaces.

Interesting, what OS are you running? is oculus+openframewords+osx a viable option?

regarding audio, I’ve also had problems finding good resources, but I’ve got a few for ya:

  1. this is the best video to start with imo, it will get you going implementing some basic filters
  2. discovered a series of openframeworks specific tutorials recently and haven’t watched, but it’d probably be good (just youtube search “openframeworks audio”)
  3. Julius Smith’s website is a goldmine, especially for the math inclined (https://ccrma.stanford.edu/~jos/)
  4. I’ve been reading Will Pirkle’s book (Designing audio effect plugins in c++) recently, and it’s a great c++ specific reference, also the bibliography is wonderful
  5. the Valhalla DSP blog is a great resource written by arguably the most knowledgeable person on the subject (google it)

sorry I couldn’t provide links for each one, I’m still limited to 2 links per post :disappointed:
hope that helps!

That’s a lot of resources to start with, thanks :slight_smile:

I’m using Windows 10 + OF 0.9.3, Oculus DK2 and CV1 both work fine. I don’t own a Mac, but people I know who do said that it can only work with the DK2. There seem to be more information on this discussion Oculus DK2 on OSX 10.11 and OF 0.9.3

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