Hi from Perth

Hi from Perth, Australia.

I’m a keen creative programmer who has recently discovered the world of openFrameworks. I’m currently in the middle of a 2 year residency at Perth’s Centre for Interdisciplinary Arts.

I’m also a member of GRL Perth, and regularly take out our projector to light up our boring city walls. Recently we toured with the Big Day Out music festival around Australia bringing GRL love to a lot of drunken youngsters. You can see a brief video of our tour:


I built a drawing program based on LaserTag but configured to use infra red tools and TUIO. Worked a treat on the buggy’s rear projection screen.

I’m keen to meet other oF friendly people whenever I travel Australia and just to talk all things creative and interactive. Of course like a lot of people on these forums my latest obsession is the kinect sensor.

I’m looking forward to delving deep into the oF world. See you round. :slight_smile: