Hi from Chicago

Hi all!

My name is Mike. I’m an artist/scientist currently studying art and tech at SAIC in Chicago, but previously was in a computational neuroscience MS program at UC Berkeley. I’m interested in using openFrameworks to play with interaction and perception - and possibly also interested in figuring out how to get oF and Unity to play nicely together.

I’m excited to jump into the community here on the forum :slight_smile:

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Hey Mike,

It’d be cool to get other openFrameworkers from the Chicago area to meet up. I’m the other Michael in the SAIC program. I think there’s a Maker-space around here. Would you want to check that out some time, maybe find some other openFrameworkers.

Either way, it’s going to be awesome to be a part of this global openFrameworks community!

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Oh yeah, I’d be up for that.

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