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hi everyone! just thought i’d introduce myself to the forums since i peruse them all the time :slight_smile: i’m cory. been working in OF on & off for a few years now. i definitely am still very much a beginner (not a professional programmer by any means) but have an extensive background in audio / video, and would love to get involved & learn more about whatever i can. are there any best practices for newbies to get involved without breaking anything / stepping on anyone’s toes? stoked to be here!

thanks all,

social: https://www.instagram.com/geooohhhrrrgggeee/

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Hi Cory @weare_wc and welcome! OF has lots of contributors and support from the community of users, and no need to worry about stepping on toes for sure. There are lots of ways to get involved with OF in addition to building fun projects with it. The community page has some ideas on ways to contribute:
Also there are a ton of OF addons that have been written and shared over the years, and people get involved with writing new ones and/or help with updating the existing ones: