Hey there

To make sure my account will not get deleted this time… Well… Hello!

I’m from the Netherlands, studying Communication & Multimedia Design which I’ll finish this year.
Got some programming experience with Actionscript 3, PHP, Processing and Arduino. Processing has always been my favourite so I’ve kept an eye on openFrameworks for quite a while now.

I stepped into OF earlier this month and quite like it so far.
Started with the OF part of ‘Programming Interactivity’ (the O’Reilly book), hooked it up to my arduino and I guess I’ll convert some old Processing sketches to OF to get a bit more into it, sounds like that would be good practice.

If you’ve got any recommendations (books?) for ‘someone with a Processing background who’s getting started with openFrameworks and C++’, they’re very welcome!
(already read the ‘OF for Processing users’ article on the wiki)

That’s it for now I guess, thanks for taking the time to read this!


Hey Ramon,

I’m kinda new myself, I suggest the http://www.cplusplus.com/doc/tutorial/introduction/ site. Its not pretty but its practical and you’ll learn the basics of C++, then you’ll see why OF is a good tool to have when creating apps.

btw… Programming Interactivity 2nd edition is an excellent jump start.

best of luck!

  • dany

Hey Dany,

Thanks for the link, looks very helpful :slight_smile:
I guess the 2nd edition is not too different from the 1st, except for it being updated to OF 007, right?

Good luck to you as well!

If you’re looking for 062 samples/tutorials theres a ton of resources online for that, at some point you’re going to need a solid reference, the online documentation is a live document and is being worked. I’d say that the second edition is very much worth it… Seeing that you want to learn without any confusion, I would tell you to read the second edition and leave the first edition behind.