Hey! new to OF and C programming!

Hey! like the title say’s I’m new to OF and C programming and i’ve been using processing for a few months now havin no prior background on programming.

i have a few questions.

1st will it be hard to transition from processing to OF? will my knowledge of Procesing (kind of java) help me understanding OF?

is it a good way to learn by trying to “convert” programs i did in processing to OF so i can get acquainted with this new language?

other questions will come up, i always try and search before, but most of the times even if i get the answer i will not understand it at first so… i hope you don’t mind to be bothered with questions, and probably really dumb ones…

I think “Yes” is an answer to all of your questions…

There is a guide to converting Processing apps to OF on the wiki…you should check it out if you haven’t already.


ohh thank you! i didn’t but i will! im findind quite hard to transition i think mainly because of all the usage of the IDE! and also, i’m not that good in processing so it’s kinda hard

i don’t know why, but it keeps opening the main page of the wiki :s even if I click the Of and C++ for Processing Users! does anyone know if something’s wrong with that page?

Not sure…works for me on Firefx 3.0.14 on Ubuntu.

Maybe clean your browser cache and try again…there have been issues with people accessing the wiki on the odd occasion. It should work though.