Hex Code Translator

Hi everyone. total n00b question.

I’m working on a project to “transmit” objects over the airwaves via voice / radio etc. My idea is to play off of the “numbers stations” and to convert the text from an obj file into hex code which is fairly easy for me to read out. then to read it on air (live), in a performance (live) or recorded as mp3 etc. that part is fairly straightforward. this website http://www.qbit.it/lab/hextext.php will do the conversion - and it looks like it is doing an accurate translation.

the problem is that the qbit site is ignoring the “0d” hex code for a break in the text and the text it decodes is in one big block. for an obj file it really needs to have line breaks otherwise it does not work.

why is this important to the project? well i think if people are actually going to transcribe the object being transmitted chances are they might try some kind of voice recog software to translate the recorded audio back into text. hex does a good job from my pov as it encodes spaces and line breaks. the hex code translators are paying attention to the spaces but not the breaks.

i’m going to keep searching for a site that does the decoding more accurately - but i guess i’m leaning towards wanting to / needing to write my own hex code translator that i can post online that does output the line breaks.

but i have no idea where to start. the easiest / most direct is if a service already exists that will decode the “0d” hex as a break and “02” as line feed (which i think means new line).

thanks for any help on this.