hesitating about OF for application design...

Hi there,
totally new to OF, but not with C++ & programming stuff.

Firstly, I’d like to know your opinions & feelings about using OF for iOS app design especially to make apps, to sell them to app store.
Are there limitations compared to pure ObjC / iOS SDK ?
I read that. It is very instructive and seems to be a reliable way.

Second question is more about the application design.
Here is my project first lines:

  • 1 view for settings and basic stuff (sliders etc)
  • 1 view for playing music & visuals (sounds will be generated by basic sinewave tone + visuals will be primitive shapes moving on the screen interacting with the gestures)
  • 1 view for loading/saving presets of settings and snapshot of the screen.
  • I’d like to create my own set of UI elements
  • I’d like to pass from a view to another with some fx. I mean: you play, you want to interact with settings while playing, you push a button and the settings “appear” over the playground with a zooming effect for instance

Could I do this with OF only ?
If not, how can I do this with OF + ObjC/iOS SDK ?

Any leads, advices, opinions would be appreciated :slight_smile:


Hi gluon,

I’ve been thinking along similar lines as you, and have started playing around with and modifying the code in the examples. I’d be curious to know if you stuck with it. I’m having a bit of fun first, then seeing if I develop an idea that’s worth converting into an app. I’m hoping it will be possible as objC should be able to wrap around any C++ albeit with some modifications. I believe (but happy to be corrected) you can never only use C++ to create an app for the apple app store, at the very least some objC UI wrapper is required.

It looks like from the guide here (http://wiki.openframeworks.cc/index.php?title=OfxiPhone-comprehensive-guide) that you can dump the files across to iphone however it may require some hardware optimising.

Also just about to play around with zooming, and have noticed the ofScale(float,float,float) function.