here is a logo for projectGenerator

greetings all,

this is not so much a development idea or anything, but just something i think would be nice for oF users.
i like icons on applications. i dont like the blank ones etc.
so anyhow, i made this little one for projectGenerator. just because i think its an awesome idea, plus it needed an icon. and just wanted to share it. maybe it will make it on the future updates, who knows. but i just wanted to share it.

if you dont know how to change icons [on mac this is for].
just go to the application in question and press cmd+i. or even right click and click on ‘get info’.
then all you need to do is open the projectGenerator.png file and then select all [cmd+a], then copy [cmd+c].
go back to info window you opened previously for the projectGenerator application and youll see a small icon in the top left. just click on that, then press paste [cmd+v]. and there you go