Help with using CCV as an Add-on?

Hi oF,

I’ve been exploring computer vision with oF and recently downloaded CCV to play around with.

However, I’m a little confused about how to actually use the source code for my project. I’ve got the CCV source code that comes with oF, but is it possible to use CCV like an add-on? Or would I have to modify the CCV code in order to make my project fit into it.

Basically, I want to extract the processed image and use it in my program, to have it interact with balls. I don’t need the rest of the GUI, but would still like to be able to adjust blurriness and other settings each time I run the program.

Any suggestions on how to approach this, or be able to simply extract the image information from CCV? Still a newbie, so pardon if this is a silly question.

Thank you