Help with Syphon


I’m trying to download the latest version of Syphon recorder but the link is broken, the FAQ is broken and their forum registration is broken as well :frowning:

It would be great if someone could share the latest version (I think it’s v18 or v19…)

Thanks and sorry for the possible awkwardness of this post.

here Syphon Recorder

Thanks, but as I said: the download link is broken.

Hi! Sorry, I don’t have the app. But I do recommend OBS: stable, fast, with a lot of features, and comes with Syphon integrated.

Wow, thanks! OBS seems to be an incredible piece of software.

Just an update to say that I received a copy of Syphon recorder, so consider this thread as closed.

in case it’s helpful I zipped up syphon recorder here

since it’s a zip you may need to do some xattr nonsense if the OS complains about the app when you go to open it (I think apps that are in unsigned zips are assumed malicious)

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