well, i works with openGl things and now migrated to openframeworks, really i’m trying to make a game with of (some simple app to works with this framework).

i have a problem i am tried to migrate opengl into of and all works OK, i learn so much things but this question can’t make solution.

well my question is how to keep the same perspective in all place, i load a 3d object, with 3d class, and to make a simple sphere with opengl in of, but in diferent places the ball same diferent, looks the picture.

Perspective 3

Perspective 2

Perspective 1

the big question es how to make that the ball looks iqual in all the places of my screen, if you seee i put a soccer ball, bus if a make a simple game, looks cray if the team to the left have a oval BIG BALL, and the rigth team have a LITTLE CIRCLE Ball.

Well i some one works woth this and can helpme i willbe greatfull

PD: Sorry for my english is the maximun that i can write… if not understand can askme…

o and if is posible the same light, for ilumitaned diferent balls same way (THIS IN REAL LIFE IS IMPOSIBLE BUT I THINK THIS WILL MAKE A BETTER EFFECT).


thanks toall OF people …

well i find this


but how it works in OF?

this is posible…

I think what you are seeing is the perspective distortion from the opengl camera. You might want to use an orthographic opengl camera.

Also, have a look at ofx3DUtils addon, it wraps functionality for 3D opengl stuff, including basic camera manipulation.


thx grismus, well y use this addon but make me crazy

this is a example that i am tried to make…-re=related

I have all, but the ball looks some ugly, in the corners.

whe y use the 3dutils, the other things like camera or like, image for staidum, too change with the ball and make the program crazy…

:wink: any idea, i need only the ball, y use 3dmodelloder for charge the 3d ball and physics to the rest, onlye need that the ball appear equal in all places…

OK forget the addon, you don’t really need it. Just use opengl orthographic projection, either glOrtho() or gluOrtho2D()

Ok finaly with your help all works OK :wink: thx grimus

Thanks johnavila2! Exactly what I needed. I reduced it to this and that works for me.

glOrtho(0, ofGetWidth(), ofGetHeight(), 0, -ofGetHeight(), ofGetHeight());  
//draw stuff