Help with MacVim and Run Scripts

Hello everyone!

Recently started sketching in MacVim - everything works great.
However, I’m now working on a project using ofxNI2 (for skeleton tracking with the kinect) and in order to run the code, I’m supposed to “add a run script build phase”. - scroll down the README to check out the run script.

I got this to work in XCode, but I’m a complete noob regarding Vim, and I have no idea how I would add a run script there. Any help would be appreciated!


Hi! That’s just a BASH script. So you can simply copy those lines into the terminal after compiling and before running. I know very little about Vim so I cant tell about any way that would be more automated. Maybe just making a bash script file with those lines that are in the readme and then you just simply run that instead of copy and pasting each time.
Btw, you need to cd into the project folder before running those lines, as the paths are relative to it.
Let me know if it worked

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Hi Roy! Thanks for the reply (and the addon!). Figured it out yesterday and that’s exactly what I did. :+1:

To anyone reading this in the future:

Copy the commands into a textedit file, change format to ‘Plain Text’, save it as a ‘.command’ file and place it in your oF project’s root folder.

In Terminal (in this order):

$ cd <your oF project directory>
$ make
$ ./yourScript.command
$ make RunRelease

This worked for me! :slight_smile:


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