Help with H.264 decoding and synchronized playback

Hi guys, this is not oF related but I’m a bit lost and could use a nice and welcoming dev community such as this one.

I’ve got a Live555 rtsp client and a decoding pipeline built with Libav (or ffmpeg for practical purposes). It’s all working fine but I’m not using timestamps for playback and sometimes get stuttering and jumps on the video, as it’s to be expected.

My problem is that I can’t get the framerate from the camera, it’s not in the SPS info. And also, my decoder does not produce presentation timestamps (pts) or decoding timetamps (dts) so that I can later sychronize.

I’m not sure what information to use, or whether I’m failing to enter some data somewhere…

Here’s a SO bounty on this very topic!

This tutorial by @roxlu helped a lot! But it assumes we have a time_base