help with -> undefined reference to `closeQuicktime()'

i am new to c++, and I was testing the opencvExemple in my laptop (that has windows xp), and it was runnig ok, then i need it to do the same in my desktop pc, but i allways keep getting the same error: “…undefined reference to `closeQuicktime()’”

Can some one help me out?

My desktop pc is running on windows 7 64, i have QuickTime 7.66, i am using Code::Blocks 10.05 with OF pre release v0.061

I am really of(f) with this!

I have reinstalled qt, i have reinstalled codeblocs, i even tried vs2008! i cant seem to understand why this is happening…

can someone please point me out on how to change the input video format to avi?

Maybe that will repair the problem…

:mrgreen: :wink: