Help with beginners cloth simulation

Hi there, super new user here. I’ve been searching and googling about and I’m really scratching my head when it comes to using OF to play and explore cloth simulation.
I want to explore building something similar to the SpringMesh IOS app from CAN. I’m working on a project using lots of traingular graphics, and I wanted to see if there’s anything interesting I can explore with dynamics and triangulated meshes.

The cloth simulation tutorials I’ve found online look like they’re using a legacy ofx Vector Math approach, and wondered if there were any guides to some more recent stuff for OF8?

Many thanks, and thanks for your patience.


This kind of depends on what you’re looking to achieve. If you’re after the learning experience, many cloth simulations are based on verlet integration.

If you just want a quick approximation for an effect, though, using a physics lib (like ofxBox2d) and creating a grid of loose springs might be good enough :smile:

thanks @admsyn sorry for my delayed response. I’m going to have to go through some basics first I think and get back up to speed, I’m a bit rusty. cheers!