Help with an automated collage

I’m looking to blend portions of many images into one, like an automated collage. The main image should begin “transparent” and the intersecting areas should be blended smoothly. Also the resulting image will be huge (some 12,000 by 7,000 pixels) and then exported with no compression. I don’t need to see the processing, my only concern is the result.

Any advice on how to get it done? already made it in Processing but it is too slow, OF would definitely perform faster but I’m new with OF and haven’t found and adequate solution yet.

Thanks in advance!

Perhaps you can try to draw the images in a big ofFbo, using masks to blend the edges. This is good because the GPU will do the blending computation. Then you can get the ofPixels result with ofFbo.readToPixels() method, create an ofImage with these pixels, and save it to the disk ( method ).

your max FBO size might need to be a little smaller than 12000x7000 pixels – but it will definitely save you some headache in terms of rendering. I found my graphics card maxed out at about (7141 × 9241) pixels – it’s the size I use for these prints ( There’s some maximum (w+h) size you can calculate and I usually pick the largest rectangle I can make in that maximum.

if that’s too small you might look at “tiled renderer” addons which help you render out very large images in pieces. They may work well for what you need to do.

Thank you so much! Lilive and Zach!