Help tracking small faces with ofxFacetracker2

I am working with ofxFacetracker2 for an installation and want to track multiple faces at the time. ofxFacetracker2 does a really good job when people are close to the camera, but tends to ignore faces that are small (= far away from the camera).

I am okay with it not picking up faces that are really far away, but in my current test setup it tends to ignore everything more that a few meters away from the camera.

Any ideas or hints as to improve this? Higher resolution camera? Resizing the webcam image before sending it to the tracker? Some tricks from dlib?


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In case anybody runs in to a similar situation I found a easy solution:

In ofxFaceTracker2.cpp on line 22 you can set the faceDetectorImageSize(width, height).
Setting this higher improves tracking of smaller faces a lot, but makes the tracker threadFps slower. So it is a tradeoff, but worked for my purpose.

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