Help to Explode an pixel from image (gpu)

Hi all

I m working on porting over the exploded pixel code ported from processing, but i have a problem…
in the video you can see a line moving across the window when i move the camera.
does any one have any idea what would be causing this?

there is a link to the code below too

(video will be ready in 30 mins)

Ben (148.7 KB)

can you post your code on github or in a pastebin?

yes sure thing, here is a github link

it might be related to depth testing being disabled try adding:


depending on what you do you can just enable it in setup and leave it enabled or enable and disable it in draw to draw certain things only.

perfect! thank you!!

hi again

i got another question about this.

at the moment all the glpoints are the same size regardless of how close there are to the camera.
i think i need to make the geometry, but what is the best way of doing this? i have tried to use the geom shader but with no success.


vertex shader can alter gl_PointSize – it’s what it’s being done here: large point cloud w/ depth of field

thanks for the relay, i end up using a .geom shader the make the geometry i have put the changes on github for future reference