Help on compiling problem(s)

I followed the instruction here:
installed the cb with Mingw

I also copied additional library files to mingw.

Now, when I try to compile the eyewriter program:

it always report it can’t find the h files

What should I do?


one of the errors:
D:\tracker\temptTracker_020_cb\src\calibration\calibrationManager.h|5|ofMain.h: No such file or directory|

I can’t find ofMain.h in the cb installation, however, i find it in this cb window fat installation:

However, I don’t know how to incorporate its content into the cb 8.02 installation.

Anybody has an idea?

solved myself.

download 0.06 cb fat, copy my project to of\apps\examples, and it compiles ok.

Thanks for that.
I had the exact same problem and the solution works fine.

Are you also tryin to build an Eyewriter?

I cant make the Drawer work, not sure if it is possible on Windows 7

Greetings from Argentina

I’m getting the same error but I don’t understand your solution.

I guess cb stands for Code Block? But what is 0.06 cb fat?