[Help needed] Project Generator for arm/ODROID

Hey all,

In trying to learn OpenCV, I stumbled upon OpenFrameworks. It looks like a very nice and intuitive framework and I hope that I can learn from and contribute to the community.

For now, I’m trying to set it up on an ODROID-U3 with Lubuntu 14.04 and Code::Blocks as the IDE.

I’ve noticed that the Project Generator isn’t included in the arm7 download files. Is this accidental or does the Project Generator not work on arm based systems yet?

So far my attempts to make a new project with Code::Blocks has failed, though i can compile and run the example projects. Maybe I can write the program on a PC or Mac then compile for the ODROID, or will I run into issues doing that?

Thanks for any help :slight_smile:

I think you have to compile Project Generator for ARM on your own for the time being.
I did this for the Jetson TK1 (another Armv7) board, and put it up on Github. It should be a good place to start if you’d like to compile it for your board.

You should place the repository in the openFrameworks/apps/projectGenerator folder. Navigate there and:

git clone https://github.com/jetsonhacks/projectGeneratorSimple.git
git checkout jetson

which will put you in the jetson branch. You should be able to come pretty close by compiling and running projectGeneratorLinux.cpb.

Note that there is a bug in openFrameworks that you may have to fix, it’s the infamous C language getc() bug:


@@ -796,7 +796,7 @@ string ofSystem(const string& command){

string strret;
  • char c;
  • int c;

    if (ret == NULL){
    ofLogError(“ofUtils”) << “ofSystem(): error opening return file for command “” << command << “””;

Hope this helps.

Cool thanks for the help Kangaboxer. I’ve never used Github before but I’ve seen the name pop up many times before.

I’ll go look into how to get started with it.

Thanks again for your help mate.