Help needed: Latest iOS OFX examples not building

Hey guys,

I searched around and had a fiddle before I posted this.

I’ve downloaded the latest build (as of 1/9/15) of_v0.8.4_ios_release and none of the examples run out of the box and neither does the empty example. I’m running Xcode 6.1.1 tested in simulator and on device.
None of the examples build, mainly with this error:
tr1/memory file not found (I Googled this and it looks like there is a fix for the Mac OS OF but I couldn’t fix it for iOS)
and a clang error: Mach-O Linker Error for libofxiOS_iphoneos_Debug.a

I haven’t used OF in about 5 years, but I remember then all the examples use to just work out of the box. I downloaded the Mac OS version and it works.

It would be great if someone could point me to a working build or help me out with a solution. I just want to play around with some of the addOns. I’m an experienced iOS developer so know my way around Xcode.

Thanks heaps

I tried to fix based on this post, to no avail:

the C++ language Dialect is set to Compiler default
C++ Standard Library is set to libstdc++ (GNU C++ standard library)

does not fix the linker and file not found error

Use xcode 5 and will work i try to use xcode 6.0 and i coudnt make the simulator to work.
Dont know if is because of swift.

Thanks for the help Jorgeav.
Xcode 5 was released almost two years ago and won’t build to iOS8. This definitely isn’t anything to do with Swift. I imagine there’s a simple fix for this.

Well using xcode 6.0 i can run the app on device but no in the simulator!

I had the same problem with Xcode 6 on Yosemite (tr1/memory not found after changing project settings).
I downloaded XCode 5.5.1 and it works fine.
When is XCode 6 support planned ? Where will it be announced ? Is help needed ?