Help moving triangles vertexes in 3d space with ofxTriangleMesh

Hi, everyone,

I’m trying to access to z position of different vertexs of the multiple triangles in a mesh in order to move them in 3d space, but I don’t get to give them a new value.
I’m using the zach liebermann lib ofxTriangleMesh.
I’m trying to find the positions in the struct “meshTriangle”, as I guess I that’s the proper way, but I don’t know exactly how.

Any help would be very welcome, a lot of thanks in advance!

Responding to my own silly question:
Inside ofxTriangleMesh::draw , in ofxTriangleMesh.cpp

    ofDrawTriangle( outputPts[triangles[i].index[0]],

Here is a possibility to access to the positions, or affecting directly to the content of the vector outputPts.
Sometimes the solution is just in front of you and you aren’t facing it. Great!