Help me set up Dex UI

This is all above my head. Here are the instructions: GitHub - efyang/dex-ui: A science fiction desktop running on Linux. Awesome.
I downloaded OF and Microsft Visual Studio and the code for Dex UI but now what do I do to get it to run as my desktop? I have Windows so is this even possible? Thanks.

Hi. Welcome.
I dont see why it would not be possible to make it run on Windows.
Download OF from instead of github, it will be easier to install. Make sure it is the version for Visual Studio. Follow the instructions that are there as well. Once done, move the dex-ui folder into the openframeworksFolder/apps/myApps. Open the Project Generator, which is in the top level of the openFrameworks folder. Drag and drop the dex-ui folder into the project generator’s window and then press update. Once done open it in the IDE of choice. Compile. Run

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