Help getting up and running

Hello everyone, I’m super excited about 006, especially since we can now make apps for ipod touches and iphones. I just have a few questions:

Do we have to pay the $100 developer fee if we are just wanting the app initially for our own use? not to go on sale at the Apple app store.

I usually use windows but for developing for the ipod touch I understand I need to work on a mac which is sweet since my flatmate has one but do I really have to download:

iPhone SDK for iPhone OS 2.2.1
Includes the Xcode IDE, iPhone simulator, and a suite of tools for developing applications for iPhone and iPod touch

At over a gig I though it was a bit excessive but if thats what we need then thats what we need. Be great if someone couldd clarify that for me before I embark on that rather large download.


hey welcome to the crazy world of xcode :slight_smile:

you have to pay 99$ if you want to get your app running on the device.
you could just code apps and run them in the simulator, but if you want to put your app on your own device, even for personal use, you need to pay the developer fee.

i’m sure theres a way to do it for free with jailbroken devices but im not sure how to do that.

as for the huge download… yeah… thats it!

it’s so huge because you’re downloading the whole IDE for creating mac applications. This includes a bunch of assistant utilities and an enormous code base… it’s a bit insane, but theres quite a lot in there when you start looking around, even if youll only use a fraction of it

Great thanks for clearing that up Zach, ha, I think I might just pretend the apps are running on the iphone by using the simulator for a while, until I get somthing good that is.

cool! I think thats worthwhile. there are a few important things to consider if you’re gonna do that.

one is obvious, and that is its hard to simulate multitouch stuff and the accelerometer wont work,
but the more important one is that the simulator runs openGL MUCH faster than the phone, so many things will be much slower when you actually run it on the phone

To simulate multitouch in the simulator you can Alt + mouseClick and two “fingers” will appear on the screen. While Alt pressed, Command and Shift will provide other options

Of course it’s not the same and it’s limited to two fingers, but sometimes it’s useful

For the accelerometer… no tricks available :frowning:

good to know, thanks!