help getting started with ofVideoGrabber

Hi OF People
I really hope you guys can help me get started using ofVideoGrabber. I appreciate any help i can get.

So im having trouble trying to run the movieGrabberExample.
it compiles succesfully and the program runs, but no video is displayed and I get the following errors in reported the consoles

SetUP: Media type is YUV2 converted to RGB24
SETUP: Capture callback set
ERROR: Could not start graph

SETUP: Disconnecting device 0
SETUP: Freeing Grabber Callback
ERROR: - Could not pause pControl
SETUP: freeing Renderer
SETUP: feeing Capture Source
SETUP: freeing Grabber Filter
SETUP: freeeing Grabber
SETUP: freeing Media Type
SETUP: removing filer AVerMedia Capture…
SETUP: filter removed AVerMedia Capture
SETUP: removing filter AVerMedia TVAudeio…
SETUP: freeing Capture Graph
SETUP: freeing Main Graph
SETUP: Device 0 disconnected and freed

OF_Error: error allocating a video device
OF_ERROR: please chec your camera with AMCAP or other software

I Checked and made sure my webcam would run in AMCAP, whch it did.
ANyone have any ideo what could be preventing me from seeing video being captured?
I am using a logitech webcam
thank you

Hey getting the same error, although I am trying to hook up three webcams. One (the first one initialized) webcam always works fine, the rest fails with the exact same message you are getting.

Maybe it’s a usb resource problem but, I am already way out of my league here.

If I were you, I’d try unhooking almost every usb peripheral except for the webcam.

I am on windows, amcap test done (flawlesss) with two Logitech webcams (C250) and some webcam I bought in Japan, brand: Buffalo model: no clue.

all webcams operate at the same resolution (640,480).

If someone could help it would be a big relief.

My problem is a little different, I cant get even one webcam to show.
But, I just tried compiling the movieGrabber example in winXP 32 and it worked.
I had originally tried it on 64 bit machine running windows 7.
Eventually Im going to want my program to run on The windows 7 machine.
Does any one know of any reasons why the movie grabber example wouldnt work on a windos7 64 bit machine?

Hi guys,

did anyone solve the problem, I get the cam on and it says that the device is ready. I get the openGL on and the output is a plain rectangle with the sizes of draw. and once i close openGL, the cam turns off.