Help for texturing inside a sphere


We try to project a image inside a sphere from 1 to 2 meters radius. So we want to deform an image and texture it inside the sphere. If you have any tips, advise ?
Thanks a lot !


You can just place your camera inside a sphere created with gluSphere and call glCullFace( GL_FRONT) or glEnable(GL_BACK) to turn off face on the front facing texturing and turn on backface rendering.

Do you intend make a Dome projection ? if yes look at Poul Bourke site : there is also a section somewhere with Unity3d. there are interesting tips for this.

obviousjim had an addon for a Pufferfish sphere projection system, but I can’t find it anymore…

Thanks for the advises. I will have a look on the paulbourke website.
The aim is to project on a sphere, from outside it needs 3 or 4 beamers but it quite simple thanks to this tutorial (
I need the same from inside. I know there is some patchs, since 3 days i am looking for it, without success. Which would be perfect is an OF solution.