Help fixing ofxGit2 for windows


Heyho people,

I am currently working on ofxGit2 to make ofPackageManager work on all plattforms.

I need some help to add libgit2 on windows. Linux support would be nice too. It’s most likely only a quick fix in the addon_config. I could probably do that by setting up a docker machine.

Does anyone have some spare time and is willing to help out?



one quick way to test an addon in multiple platforms is by using CI servers. the ofxAddonTemplate has all the files you need to add and there’s explanations for everything in ofxaddons:

once you have that ready every commit will be tested in all the supported platforms or the ones you choose to enable in your ci config files


Also i have a tool to send an automated PR to any addon or all the addons of a user, if you give me your github account and let me know which addon or if you want it on all your addons i can send you a PR


oh nice. thanks for the hint, i was not aware that the template includes ci scripts. i will have a look. ofPackageManager includes already ci scripts. travis now supports windows too. any plans to move oF ci completely to travis?

can you send a pr against Thanks.


just did, didn’t knew that traivs supported windows now but yeah i’ll take a look when i have a moment i guess it’d make things easier to deal with one service only