Help creating RPLIDAR A1 addon

Hello everyone,

I am new to oF but i have some experience with C++, and i am starting a project where i want to use an RPLIDAR A1. I found an existing addon called ofxRPlidar but unfortunately i can’t get it to compile, or the examples. I e-mailed the creator of the plugin, waiting on his reply.

As the errors came up during compilation i tried to solve them, some of them were just missing returns and include ofSerial.h. But even after solving these errors, other’s came up.

So i have 2 requests for you:

  • Help me fix the existing ofxRPlidar addon. The code inside the addon targets the A2 sensor but i think i can make the changes in the code i need to make it compatible with the A1, if the compilation issues are solved.
  • Help me create a totally new addon for the RPLIDAR A1 on oF (this is a great sensor for the price, so i bet others would appreciate). I tried already to start with a template addon and setup everything so that it compiles. This means include all header and sources, and very important, the dynamic library. However i must be doing something wrong since i couldn’t get it to compile. With some emails exchange or online meeting with an expert on this, i think we can figure it out :slight_smile:

The official RPLIDAR drivers can be found here, but if you are using windows like me, you won’t be able to use Visual Studio 2017 or 2019 to compile the library since its not compatible. But then i found this branch that has projects compatible with VS 2017 or 2019. This is probably useful.

I need this addon to run on Windows (where i am doing most of the development), and Raspberry Pi 3/4 (where the project will run). If you would like to give me some tips on how to create this addon, feel free to contact me on Or feel free to try it yourself with the links provided.