HELP - crashing because my app is being destoryed by ofxiOSEAGLView


I’m trying @danoli3’s branch “Apothecary/0.9.0-All” since I need a quick and dirty iOS arm64 bit version running.

After a few api changes I needed to do in order to compile, I’m running into a run time error. It seems that my ofApp is being destroyed as part of the init process.

My application is initializing from within a viewController inside a storyboard. I copied the idea from the iosStoryBoard example.

Now it seems that the init process is changed. I tracked the unneeded destruction to these lines in

if(app != ofGetAppPtr()) {              // check if already running.
    ofRunApp(shared_ptr<ofBaseApp>(app));    // this fallback only case occurs when app not created in main().

The code goes into the if since the app was not created but not ran, and after exiting this line, I get the destructor because is seems that no one on the inside took that shared_ptr and saved it! I followed the code inside and I verified that the app is being put in the map that maps windows into apps. I don’t understand why it’s getting released!

I’m not even sure this branch is working at all in this scenario.

Long story short:

  1. if anyone here has a direction I can check for this issue, it will be greatly appreciated.

  2. If there’s a better way to get a quick and dirty arm64 version working, that will also work.

Thanks in advance!


Hey @tallavi,

This is a bug caused by something in the new windowing code:

Problem with master rather than arm64 libs.

I’ll add your comments to the issue.

Okay this is resolved with the PR: