Help: Considerations before upgrading to Mac OS 10.11 (El Capitan)


I’m planning to upgrade my Mac OS to 10.11 (currently using Yosemite), but before doing it I’d like to know if anyone already tried it.

Anything to take into account? I’m currently working in 2 projects and using OF 0.9.0 RC1.

Just in case, I’m not referring to the Xcode 7 issue as I already applied the fix mentioned in another post while in Yosemite. That fix worked for me in OF 0.8.4.


I’ve done the upgrade and I’ve tried a couple of applications that i’ve done, they are still working. But I haven’t tested any 3d project until now, i will do it soon

Thanks edapx. Waiting for your feedback about 3D projects.

Sorry I was forgetting to answer. I’ve tried the 3dPrimitivesExample in the example folder of OF 0.9 and it works.

Just in case anyone is interested, I’ve already moved to El Capitan, and here’s the list of examples that are working fine on OF 0.9.0 (RC1). Those not appearing in the list below are the ones I haven’t tested.

  • 3d (as edapx said)
  • gl
  • graphics
  • sound
  • video

All of the samples that run on OS X 10.10 should run on OS X 10.11 as well, If you find some that are broken, please file an issue.

Good to know. Thanks, pizthewiz. Just created this post because I was wondering if the El Capitan+OF 0.9.0+Xcode 7 mix would work. And it does for now. No problems at all.

I’ve got error when trying to compile assimploader example. I could fix the issue by setting optimize parameter to false in loadModel method with OF 0.93