[HELP] Compile OF061 with OpenCV 2.0 ?

Im trying to compile a project using ofxOpenCV but with the latest OpenCV 2.0 and under OF 061.
In VS2008 I added the OpenCV2.0 include and the ofxOpenCV include plus the various lib*200.dll.a dependencies and set OpenCV2.0 Lirbary directory for the linker. The files are also added as reference to the solution.

It seems to compile and link fine but when it executes I get an error saying that the procedure entry point cvAbsDiff could not be located in the dynamic link library libcv200.dll

Any idea?


can you use a dll analysis tool to see if the cvAbsDiff function is actually provided by libcv200.dll? perhaps the name of the function has changed (the opencv engineers like to do that for some reason…)

thanks for your reply. Umh I like VisualStudio but my use of it is very limitied (usu. I just write the code in it and then import it in Xcode). Could you tell me how do I analyse the dll ?

During the weekend I was trying to compile OpenCV2.0 from scratch and try to link in with OF but no luck… actually even without using is with OF sometimes throws some weird errors.

I wonder if anyone has managed to get it working…


i don’t use windows any more but i think there’s something that ships with visual studio… google ‘list contents of dll’ or ‘dll name list’ or something like that.

why do you need opencv 2 anyway?