Help: Calling different functions in a for loop?

Hi everyone! I have created three functions. I would like to call all of them via the same for loop with color changes etc. over time. First function would go through the for loop, then the second and finally the third. Only one function at a time; I want to show how the same for loop causes different results in the different functions.

It certainly does not feel right the create three for loops for something that I assume is quite simple?

Obviously I would need to edit the if statements and their times so that only one function draws at the time.

Here is a picture of the loop, including the first function dancingQuad that is looping fine. So now I want to make dancingQuadNoise and dancingQuadRandom go through the same loop:

Update: one option seems to be to call the functions with if statements like in the picture below. However, it does not feel a very clean way to do it! Any tips are more than welcome.