Help! Any ios tutorials? Compile emptyExample.xcodeproj error!


I have downloaded the latest build of iOS and also from the nightly’s and I get this error in both on compiling:

/clang:-1: no such file or directory: ‘/Applications/of_v20181009_ios_release/libs/openFrameworksCompiled/lib/ios/libofxiOS_iphoneos_Debug.a’

see below screen shots.

Also, all the tutorial links are dead:

  • [Memo Akten’s simple openFrameworks application on an iPhone tutorial]
  • [Memo Akten’s tutorial for getting started with ofxiPhone]
  • [Zach Gage’s comprehensive overview of ofxiPhone]

Are there any straight forward working tutorials using iOS?

Can anyone help me out fixing this compiling error? Please. Thankyou (I thought for debugging using the simulator I didn’t need any license?)

Same error these builds:

of_v0.10.0_ios_release and of_v20181009_ios_nightly

Just trying to compile emptyExample.xcodeproj example of IOS in a iPhone 6s simulator setting.

Platform and IDE: OSX HIGH SIERRA 10.13.6 XCODE VER 10.0
Any help appreciated


Forgot platform and IDE: OSX HIGH SIERRA 10.13.6 XCODE VER 10.0


Reverting to xcode 9.5 the examples were working: the above error was for Xcode version 10.0


have you sorted out the development team error shown in your screenshot?