Hello World! From Bloodbath Studio

Hello World!
I am Sylvain William Martens, funder of Bloodbath Entertainment Studio a studio of digital entertainment ( video games, films, CGI, ads and web development ).
I am from Montreal, Quebec, Canada and im 21 years old, I worked as a software engineer a few years and i also studyed in Digital Arts ( For the Gaming and Film industry ).
Now that you know me, i was looking for a strong framework as a core of my future game engine.
I was looking for a crossplatform framework which has OpenGL with Assimp and an audio and video system.
I just discovered OpenFrameworks and yet i really like what i saw.
I will give it a try and choose if i want to build my game engine with it or not.
I will also try to integrate it into a QT5 application for the editor, i really like using QT its crossplatform and the GUI system works very well, but i am not fan of the OpenGL implementation and thats why i will integrate OpenFrameworks into it.

I hope that it will fit my needs, and im happy to join the community!


Welcome! There are many of us here who make games with OF. There are a a few really nice game libs and it’s pretty decent for iOS development.