Hello! oF newbie/student here!

Hello! Just saw people are saying hi so I thought I’d introduce myself too :slight_smile:

I’ve recently started my masters studies at Aalto University, Helsinki. Moved to this country a month ago from India. I’ve done some coding in Processing before (mostly generative stuff, not really any image processing and/or data handling and/or “complicated” stuff) but I’m getting into oF because well, I think it’s more powerful (probably debatable) and runs on iOS (fact!). Complete newbie in C++ so might have some stupid questions as some points, please bear with me!

On that note, any immediate suggestions to someone coming in from the Processing world? I’ve downloaded the oF book and will be following that for my learning process - any other resources I should check out?

I’m interested in audio visual interactive/installation work and data visualisation. And well, maybe some hardware stuff (Arduino, RPi) as well.

Hi there and welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

I’m not a Processing guy, but I know that @amnon did some porting of his Processing Typography Examples to an openFrameworks’ versions.

There’s 2D, 3D, FBO using, image source, some addons and even exporting. And by having both sources (p5 and OF) you can easily compare.

And if you are new to C++, also check stackoverflow, of course. :smiley:

Have fun!

I myself transitioned to OF quite some time ago as well and used OF much more than Processing now (just personal preference). I remember they used to have a Processing transition guide although I couldn’t find it now…

C++ can be quite a daunting language to begin learning, I find OF book to be really good so do stick with that. For myself I just went straight into a more traditional C++ text: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Accelerated-Practical-Programming-Example-Depth/dp/020170353X which although I learnt a lot from it, I still find it quite hard to finish (never did finish the whole thing). Spend enough time with C++ and everything will start to make sense and maybe you will find C++ to be extremely powerful as well!

In terms of OF itself, what I personally find is that it can be quite easy to miss two things, 1: addons, a lot of the time the addons will make life much easier and you can focus on your OF logic; 2: examples, both the OF ones and the addons ones, once you can understand basic flow of an OF app, looking at the examples can really help. Same goes for Arduino and RPi.

Oh, and google, just google.

i found this book a good starting point it explains a lot by example, from simple to complex and you have a final project at the end .

thanks everyone! :slight_smile: