Hello from Ukraine

Greetings OF!

I’m Alex, from Kyiv, Ukraine.

I’v run my own small opensource community - http://dream-corp.com"">DREAMcorp it mostly about openCV and ported to Flash solutions, such as FLARtoolkit, In2AR.

http://kwikithebird.com"">KwikiTheBird is a game that i like very much :slight_smile: We created it almost year ago based on http://www.quasimondo.com/"">quasimondo tracking algorithms with some improvements. Kids love it :slight_smile:

Take a look at our fan video:

Nice to meet you all!



Hi, Alex!

Nice work )
I’m also from Kyiv, and I’m also using OF for vision research projects )

Hello Alex,
you have rather funny game demo! My congratulations, it’s great work to represent such simple core technology (motion processing) with such nice demo!
I’m also from Kiev and work together with Serezha who discovered OF for our team! It’s great framework for prototyping!
PS Thanks Serj!

Hi Guys, looks like we have a small local community here. I’m Alex, also from Kiev, and I’m a complete newbie to programming at all, nevertheless plan to employ OF to my musical projects.