Hello from Rotterdam, Holland

I’m a highschool student doing his last year and as a project we’re trying to build a program that imports a videostream from a webcam, locates and calculates the position of the cursor and a red dot.
We’ve found an example program to help us set up the videostream grabber, but we can’t figure out how to manipulate it.

So we’ve asked for help and got an answer: we should use OpenFrameworks…
We’ve just started programming in VC++ and We’ve installed all the SDK’s (microsoft was included, but we installed DirectX SDK) but how do we install the OpenFrameworks? I can’t find an “install.exe” file or something like that…Please help, because I’ve seen some really usefull code in some examples! If I try compiling one of the examples I get error 1083…It can’t compile :frowning: I’ve linked all the libraries but it still doesn’t work!

Thanks in forward.


the latest version of visual studio (2008) isn’t supported yet, but 2005 is. Otherwise, you can use codeblocks (see openframeworks.cc/setup for info). we will support 2008 in future releases (and if you poke around the forum, you will see the modifications you need to make to get 2008 to work).

take care,

Oh, that’s not very convenient :oops:
I’m quite new to this kind of programming so any usefull advice would be…usefull :stuck_out_tongue:

currently I’ve installed VC++ 08 , DirectX SDK, Microsoft SDK (included with VC++ 08 ) and desperately trying to get Openframworks working!


I’m really sorry - for our part, it’s not convenient that microsoft makes all their compilers incompatible with each other. we just can’t support everything, and for 0.05 we didn’t have enough time to make the release compatible. we will for 0.06.

in the meantime, there are alternatives:

try codeblocks, I promise it’s simple and easy to use. it’s our recommended pc IDE and it’s a small download and easy to setup. We teach workshops with this, and unless you have a compelling reason to use VS, I strongly suggest it. check the setup instructions.

otherwise, install visual studio 2005 as per the setup instructions.

or, you can poke around the forums, and follow the steps for replacing rtAudio and removing glAux from the included libraries. I can walk you through this if you’d like, but you have to do it for each example you want to compile.

otherwise, hang on for the next release.

take care!!

ps, to get the 2008 setup to work (but I still recommend you try codeblocks) there are two things:

a) for rtAudio, all you have to do is simply:

open up openframeworks.cc/libs

and simply replace the library in rtAudio folder with the vs 2008 compiled one.

then, you will need to compile in release mode, debug will fail I’m pretty sure.

b) for glAux -

you likely will also have to remove glAux from the linking settings. Right click the project icon to get to project settings, go to linking and there should be there a list of libraries you are linking against (not folder names). Find glAux and remove it for both targets (or at least debug).

take care!

okay, you convinced me…I’m installing Code::Blocks right now…
But do I have to download the Microsoft SDK now? it isn’t included in Code::BLocks…

Btw, I can still use the same structure for a program? with .cpp files including .h files and so on?

Thanks very much!

heey dudes and dudettes,

I’ve installed CodeBlocks, but how do I install the OpwnFrameworks now?
I’ve tried to release the TRaudio thingy but it give some weird error…

Help?? :frowning:

here you go:


follow every step, including step e. be sure to download CB with mingw. you do not need any microsoft stuff, (additional things you need are in step e).

about the error, post the error and we can try to help…

take care!

geez guys, you’re really angels in programming :wink:

But I’ll set it up ( when I come home from chool today ) but do the additions include OpenFrameworks?

If (TRUE) { cout<< “Great!” }
If (FALSE) { cout<< “How do I install OpenFrameworks?”


P.S. Sorry for the lame joke…:stuck_out_tongue:

No that just sets up the programming environment to be ready to work with an openFrameworks project.

openFrameworks actually comes as a series of example projects which you can then use to:

a) understand how OF works
b) use to make new projects of your own

You can get the latest OF with the projects (aka examples) from here:

The FAT release contains additional examples that work with addons developed by the community.

There is the beginning of a tutorial on the wiki here:



Wow thanks guys,
I’ve set up the CodeBLocks IDE and the OpenFrameworks, and it all works perfectly now! I’ve even managed to make a much, much, much easier program for framegrabbing, but saw a little to late there was an example version too XD
They actually almost are identical:P

But now my question:
I want to make a program that controls apparatus out of my computer, how do I do that? I was thinking with the serialExample, but can I use every pin of my serial port? and where do I put the other “leg” of my led for configuration?

And my second one:
Is there a function in OpenFrameworks wich scans the pixels like:
ofPixelsScan(WhatItsSearchingFor, int x int y):
x = myPosX;
y = myPosY;

?? or something like that? (btw, if you can tell me the function, please also tell me how I implement it into my code and what the statements must be, please… :frowning: )

Thanks alot!!