Hello from quebec!

Hi guys have seen the feature of openframeworks and I would like to try it on my mt setup… Im not a programmer so if theres is a files that explain how to procced it would be great.

Here some video have made


Some picture of my setup (also using ftir)

Thanx a lot guys
Keep your great work!


openframeworks is a library, not an application, so there isn’t really an easy instruction set about how to set it up with your gear. It’s for building stuff. People use OF to make all kinds of things. this video is a good sense of the variety of things people do with OF:


You might want to talk to the CUBIT folks – http://nortd.com/cubit/ – and see if their software could run on your machine. They’ve made actual multitouch software with OF.

nice setup & good luck -

Thanx for the reply! Im sorry for my stupid question but I like your answer. It was actually this video that gave me the interest for this soft or library. I 'll keep an eye on cubit software thanx a lot for the information.

Have a nice day