hello from LA

hey All,

just posting to say hi, was inspired to get into oF from class at the LA public school.

thanks !

hey estzi, welcome to OF :slight_smile:

Hey estzi, nice to have you.

We’re trying to get a LA/SD group/meetup going. If you know anyone else in LA have them join us here and don’t forget to include yourself: https://www.facebook.com/groups/288885844470646/

BTW, what’s the LA Public School referring to? Is someone teaching a OF class in LA?

Hey Seth,

the LA public school is kind like a free form school where any class can be proposed and if enough people are interested the class gets taught. its a cool place ! here’s the class link:

it was only a 3 day crash course introducing OF and using it with the kinect.

the LA/SD meetup looks interesting, i’ll check it out, thanks !

hi Kyle, thanks ! you’re a real inspiration !