Hello from Czech Republic

Big hello from Czech republic!

My name is Martin and Im currently studying Multimedia department @ Faculty of Fine arts in Brno. My coding history goes like this:


For me, OF means “Oh, Finally!” :slight_smile: All those months spend with Processing when I was complaining about lack of speed and control are finally gone and I although first steps were painful ("Why the hell I need to use header files/why are funcitions for every little thing/for christ sake how do I import library/where is some docs I can actually understand?) but now it is getting better as I try to code at least few lines of code each day.

Now I use it for VJing (with my classmate) and even that our last effort was bit problematic (lack of installed QuickTime), we got very good response from people and for that response I feel like I have to thank OF.

photos from our last effort (along with one funny photo after system crashed :slight_smile: ) here: